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Established in 2019, MAXX Pest Control is providing premium pest control solutions to its many loyal customers. This company currently operates in Charlotte, Dallas, Belmont, Gastonia, Lincolnton, and Mount Holly.
MAXX Pest Control recognizes that a customer’s home is their most valuable investment. So, they aim to provide customers with the best possible pest control services.
Every year, customers spend thousands of dollars repairing the damage caused to their homes by pests. They incur additional costs to then get rid of these pests.
MAXX Pest Control provides them with a free inspection to check for termites. They offer this service for those looking to eliminate termites because termite infestations are pretty common.
A great feature of this company is that it offers customers a MAXX Protection Policy. Under the terms of this policy, the company will provide additional pest control services if infestations take root in your home again.
Therefore, it allows you to access more than one pest control service per year at no additional cost. Considering how costly pest control services are today, it’s easy to see why this is a popular feature of the brand.
This policy is up for renewal each year to help you keep your home safe for as long as you live in it. Thanks to this policy, MAXX Pest Control offers you a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Customers are often hesitant to try out pest control services because they’re wary of who they let into their home. MAXX Pest Control is among the handful of pest control companies that takes action regarding the same.
This company conducts thorough background checks on staff candidates before hiring them. It ensures the staff it hires has the right qualifications, ethics, and background for the job.
The exterminators working with the company have the licenses required to provide you with pest control treatments. Also, they follow the relevant Safety Regulations and EPA laws in your location to ensure your home is safe and clean.
Therefore, it’s more than likely that customers will feel comfortable with having MAXX Pest Control exterminators in their homes. Also, it doesn’t hurt that these staff members are approachable.
When they visit homes for free inspections, they advise customers on the services that would suit their needs the best. They then encourage customers to ask them if they have any doubts or queries regarding the treatments.
While pest control treatments are often costly, MAXX Pest Control staff can recommend the best and most budget-friendly course of action to customers. They also take considerable efforts to provide after-sales services to customers.
Customers protected under the Protection Policy enjoy the quality of these services. This company’s staff therefore knows how to combine premium pest control with premium customer services.
MAXX Pest Control offers customers residential and commercial pest control services. They also offer services for those wanting to use pest control for their lawns.
This company offers tailor-made solutions to tackle pest control problems. Each service designed by the exterminators considers the pest, location, and other factors affecting the infestation.
Let’s examine these services in detail.
Residential Pest Control
Residential pest control services from MAXX Pest Control start with a free inspection of your house. After completing an inspection, the staff recommends the best solutions to tackle infestations.
They then commence the treatment and return if your home requires additional attention. Under the Protection Policy, you can make unscheduled calls to the company and exterminators will visit your home.
The exterminators have the pesticides and equipment needed to deal with common pests. These pests include ants, arachnids, bedbugs, and cockroaches. These are the pests invading homes in North Carolina and neighboring states.
The exterminators also know how to deal with rodents. They inspect your attics, walls, and other places rodents prefer hiding in.
They then use localized pest applications to exterminate these pests. The treatments they use are free from harmful chemicals. Instead, they use heat application to combat certain infestations.
These exterminators have the qualifications needed to remove rodent nests from your home too.
Commercial Pest Control Services
MAXX Pest Control offers commercial pest control services in several states across the country. These services focus on removing pests from warehouses and other commercial buildings.
The exterminators follow several steps to ensure cockroaches, rodents, and other pests leave your commercial sites alone. They inspect areas that attract pests in your warehouses.
They also take steps to ensure the infestations don’t take root again anytime soon. In doing so, they offer long-term solutions to commercial entities needing pest control.
MAXX Pest Control exterminators use traps, barriers, and other means to keep pests out of your workspaces. They don’t believe in using generic solutions to deal with pests.
Instead, they offer customized solutions to businesses dealing with complex pest problems. They evaluate the needs of your property and consider other factors before starting their treatments.
These factors include the size of your property, severity of the infestation, climate, and more. So, they wish to offer a well-rounded approach to help you keep your workspaces clean and healthy.
They also offer you advice on how you can keep pests at arm’s length. The solutions they recommend are easy to follow and effective in the short and long run.
It’s easy to get in touch with MAXX Pest Control because the company offers more than one avenue for you to do so.
You can fill in an online form with your basic details to receive a free estimate of how much a pest control treatment will cost you. You’d have to enter your name, email ID, and phone number.
You’d also have to enter details on the pest infestation that’s plaguing your home or commercial space.
If you’d rather get in touch with the company by calling an agent, here are the contact details you’ll need:


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  • Phone No.: (980) 925-6299
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