Premium TPC

Premium Termite and Pest Control is among the leading pest control companies in the industry today. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Premium TPC has offices in Oxnard, Long Beach, and Lancaster.
TPC offers pest control services in Orange, Ventura, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara counties. Premium TPC specializes in services focused on pests and termites.

The team of pest control specialists can tackle a range of complex infestations. These specialists are highly trained and are among the best in the pest control industry. What’s more is that all exterminators have the relevant licenses to work in several states across the country.
Premium TPC differs from many other pest control companies in one major aspect: It conducts thorough background checks on staff members before hiring them.
This company believes that customers should be comfortable with their technicians before working with them.
The trained technicians ensure they stick to all the latest EPA laws and safety regulations and execute their services to perfection.
They pay attention to every small detail during a consultation to ensure their customers have a satisfactory experience.
This reflects in the company’s mission to provide each of its customers with the highest level of support and service. To that end, Premium TPC has some of the best customer support services in the industry!
The staff members working with the company don’t just provide superior pest control extermination. With their aim to satisfy customers, they also provide excellent customer service by happily resolving queries from customers and potential customers alike.

One of Premium TPC’s popular features is a free pest inspection. The Premium Protection Policy offered by the company covers everything from spiders to termites!
Under this policy, if customers face reinfestation, they can ask for another pest control operation at no additional cost. Customers can renew their policy annualy, which is not something every pest control company offer.



Contact information

  • Main Office – (888) 760-7378
  • Lancaster, CA – (666) 220-5338
  • Oxnard, CA – (805) 421-5899
  • Long Beach, CA – (562) 283-5524
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