Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs aren’t present just in beds (who knew, right?). The irksome pests manage to find their way into the most unexpected of places. 

While this might sound amusing, don’t underestimate how much of a challenge it can be to get them out.

More often than not, when people get their pest control appointment over with, they tend to focus on bed bugs hiding in mattresses and underneath bed covers. 

Sometimes, people find them in other furniture as well like sofas and armchairs. However, these places are the usual suspects.

When we say unusual places, we mean the kind of places you wouldn’t normally expect to find bedbugs in. If you have no idea what these places are, we can give you an idea of where to begin.

Therefore, in this article, we’ll take you through some unusual places you can find bed bugs lurking.


No one thinks to check in toys for bedbugs. After all, these aren’t always large and don’t always make good hiding spots for insects. However, believe us when we say that toys, particularly stuffed toys are good hiding spots for pests like bed bugs.

Stuffed animals, especially those that have a good amount of fur are ideal for those nasty bedbugs to take shelter in and breed. Besides, if you leave these stuffed toys lying around your bed, as people usually do, then there’s a greater chance they’ll contain bedbugs.

So, if you have stuffed animals and other furry toys on your bed, ensure you alert your pest control technician to the same. In this way, they can take care of the bedbugs and other potential infestations present in them.

More often than not, pest control companies offer users a diverse set of services to deal with bedbugs and other pests. A good technician would know how to deal with pests that are present in the nooks and crannies of various tight spots like those found in toys.


This hiding spot might sound downright ridiculous, but it’s true – bedbugs often hide in light bulbs. If you have lamps next to your bedside, then there’s a great chance bedbugs will find their way into them. 

Since loads of people have night lamps by their beds, it shouldn’t surprise you to discover how often bed bugs infest these.

Fluorescent light bulbs are among the best spots for bedbugs to hide in, especially if you have any of these in the vicinity of your bed. The tight little spaces present in these bulbs are perfect for bedbugs to squeeze through.

Therefore, it’s wise to exercise caution while looking to switch on bulbs next to your bed. You never know what can cause bulbs and other electrical equipment to malfunction and it’s not worth taking a risk. 

Again, a well-trained pest control technician would know how to deal with bedbugs in light bulbs.

Don’t entrust the cleaning up of bulbs and other electrical equipment to pest control companies that offer cheap services. 

Electrical equipment isn’t something you should mess around with so ensure you hire a good company to clean up your equipment even if they charge more.

Bags And Purses

No one expects to find pests like bed bugs in their purses and bags. However, you will find them all the same. If you have dealt with a bedbug infestation before, you’re especially susceptible to finding bugs in unusual places like handbags and small purses.

Also, if you have a large handbag or backpack that you hardly ever clean out, don’t be alarmed if you find bedbugs nesting at the bottom of them when you finally clean them. Once these bugs grow comfortable in your bags, getting to leave isn’t an easy task.

Besides, if you have dirt and wrappers in your bags, it’ll be easier for bedbugs to breed there undetected. Sure, the idea of bugs lurking around in your storage items is gross, but it’s better to be safe than sorry here.

In other words, you must ensure you clean out your bags often enough to prevent bedbug infestations from taking root in them. 

Also, if you’ve hired a pest control agency to rid your bed of bugs, ask them to have a look at bags and other storage cases kept close to your bed.

After all, it doesn’t make sense to schedule an additional pest control appointment to get rid of the bugs in your purse!


Vehicles are among bedbugs’ favorite places to hide and breed in if you allow the opportunity to do so. If the infestation in your house is bad enough, it won’t be difficult for the bugs to enter your vehicle.

If you make the journey from an infested bed to your car every day, there’s an increased risk of your car being infested too. Well, either way, the solution is simple: use a pest control service to help you get rid of them.

It won’t be easy to reach all the small spaces within your car if you wish to eliminate every single bedbug. Therefore, this is best left to the skilled hands of technicians.

Finally, bed bugs can find their way into some pretty strange places if you don’t watch out. However, if you keep an eye out for them and stop them before the infestation gets too bad, there’s still hope.

After all, you needn’t falter in the face of nasty bedbugs, tiny and annoying as they are!