It’s not uncommon for people to confuse organic and natural pest control services. After all, the line that separates these two is pretty thin.

But, there are differences between them nonetheless. It’s important to first understand what these services entail to understand how they’re different.

Understanding pest control services will also help you decide the kind of services you want to provide to your customers. Different pest control services demand different kinds of labour, equipment, and other resources.

So, learning what each kind of pest control service entails can help you allocate your resources the right way.

Without wasting any time, let’s explore what organic and natural pest control services offer users.

Organic Pest Control

Organic pest control services involve products that are free from chemicals and other artificial additives. In other words, organic pest control is all about ingredients that occur in nature.

So, this kind of pest control causes minimal soil and water pollution. An environmentally-conscious customer would prefer this pest control service over its synthetic counterparts.

The absence of artificial substance in organic pest control also means that it’s a healthier option for users. These pest control agents are free from artificial allergens as well.

This is why organic pest control is ideal for those wishing to avoid using potentially harmful chemicals in their homes. The same goes for those wanting to keep their yards or gardens free from chemical interference.

After all, the harsh chemicals used in many pesticides and insecticides can do more harm than good. These chemicals can upset the ecosystem in soil and water bodies.

It can kill some kinds of pests that may be useful to help your plants grow and your house safe. So, it may not be a good idea to opt for harsh pesticide treatments just because they’re effective.

Organic pest control substances like ciders and rinds from fruits and vegetables are pretty common. Pest control exterminators know the exact quantities of these organic ingredients needed to eliminate harmful pests.

Sure, you can try some of these by yourself at home. But, it’s better left to the experts that know which ingredients are effective against which pests.

Some pest control companies even use a mixture of spices to eliminate insects and pests. This method of elimination may not seem very effective because most companies rely on chemical-based pesticides and insecticides.

But, hundreds, even thousands of those receiving organic pest control services can vouch for their efficacy. It’s important to note, though, that just because something is organic doesn’t mean it can’t cause any damage.

There are instances where organic pest control services didn’t work as planned or upset the balance in soil and water. But, these instances aren’t as common as those outlining the toxic effects of artificial pest control treatments.

Also, there’s a drawback of using organic pest control services that puts many people off. This drawback is that you’d need these pest control services far more frequently than you’d need artificial pest control.

Using these treatments more often than you’d need to use artificial pest control makes them significantly costly. In fact, the overall cost of organic pest control services offered by some companies exceeds their chemical counterparts by 100%!

Not everyone has the time and budget to opt for such treatments, which explains why they’re still not very popular. Also, another disadvantage of these treatments is that they don’t work against all pests.

Therefore, you may have to use organic pest control for some pests while still using traditional pest control treatments for others.

Natural Pest Control

Natural pest control services share some integral features with organic pest control services. However, they’re not the same. This kind of pest control is a little more complex than using organic solutions to get rid of pests and insects.

To put it simply, natural pest control is all about using non-chemical treatments to control pest infestations. We know, this sounds exactly the same as organic pest control services.

But, the major difference here is that natural pest control methods don’t involve the use of pesticides and insecticides. Instead, they use other natural methods to weed out pests from your home or yard.

For instance, a natural pest control exterminator will use barriers like wire mesh or rat traps to prevent rodents from entering your home. Or, they could use hot and cold treatments to kill pests.

They also uproot a pest’s home and cut off their food and water sources. In this way, they force pests to abandon their habitats and move away from your home.

Another simple yet effective natural pest control technique involves blocking the entry points that pests may use to enter your home. Blocking these points will cut off access to your home completely, if done the right way.

Some pest control companies use yet another basic method to eliminate pests. Under this method, they introduce predators to a pest-infested environment. These predators then do the work for you and clean out an infestation eventually.

Like organic pest control methods, you could try natural pest control methods by yourself too. But, you may not have the expertise required to execute some of these methods.

For instance, you may not know the temperatures certain pests can survive in to apply hot or cold treatments. Or, you may not know which insects prey on which pests to introduce predators.

Sure, you could put in the research required and figure it out. However, to avoid doing more harm than good, it’s wiser to trust the professionals.


These were the key differences between organic and natural pest control services. The service you choose should reflect your budgetary constraints alongside your preferences.

It would also be wise to speak to a pest control consultant or exterminator first before you decide which treatment to use.